Dog Heros: Past and Present

We rely on our dogs for companionship and compassion, but sometimes they come through for us in some truly amazing ways.

The internet is rife with inspirational stories of brave pooches who have gone beyond all expectations to act heroically…

Whether that’s making an emotional farewell to their dying owner or putting themselves in harm’s way to save strangers, dogs are capable of performing incredible feats of bravery without asking for anything in return. We thought we’d highlight a few of our favourite dog heroes from around the world to show just how brave these creatures can be…

Hospital Visits

Whether you’re going into hospital for a private CT scan or chemotherapy, it’s doubtful that you’d ever be able to take your dog with you to keep you company. There are understandably strict rules across the world that prohibit animals from entering hospitals on the grounds of infection control, however there have been some cases where hospital staff had made exceptions so that owners can say goodbye to their furry companions.

In March 2018 such an exception was made for 70-year old Peter Robson who asked to see his eight year old Shep one more time before passed away. In a show of real compassion, the hospital staff at Ninewell’s Hospital in Dundee worked around infection control rules to reunite the pair one last time.

A similar exception was made in the States some years ago when 33 year-old Ryan Jessen unexpectedly passed away. In this case hospital staff were kind enough to allow Ryan’s dog Molly into the hospital to say goodbye to her owner so that she understood why he wan’t returning home. After this touching video went viral the family were quick to inform the public that Molly would be looked after the family.

Rescuing People

Dogs are regularly used in the emergency services for a wide range of reasons. They sniff out illicit parcels in airports across the world, assist in rescue operations during natural disasters and are even employed on the battlefield – but not all dogs need to be trained to perform these tasks. In September of 2017 two civilian dogs were given the chance to show their mettle as they jumped to the rescue of a family struggling for their lives at sea. Luckily for this family Guy and his son were walking their dogs, Dave and Baxter at the time who instantly saw the danger the women were in and dove in to pull them out of the water.

Saving Other Animals

It’s not just humans that dogs go out of their way to save, in July 2018 a young service dog practically dragged her own out to ‘the middle of nowhere’ to rescue seven kittens who were left to perish in a cardboard box. The three year-old husky Banner had been acting strangely all morning according to her owner, she wasn’t responding to her owner’s calls and was more eager to get outside than usual.

Tugging her owner by the dress, she led Whitney to a cardboard box in the middle of a forest and picked out a kitten that was on the edge of death. Further inspection found six more which Whitney was quick to bring back home. Since taking the kittens back to her home Banner has acted as a mother to her new charges, ensuring that they are all present and healthy – showing that a dog’s compassion crosses all species boundaries.

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