How You Can Fight Against The Fur Trade

Do you want to stand up against the fur trade?

We love animals here, so it should come as no surprise that we are outright against the farming of fur of any animal.

Although passion for animals is growing year on year, we understand that it’s our responsibility as animal content managers to raise awareness for the issues that threaten the safety and well being of animals over the world.

By taking a stand against the fur trade you’ll be joining a growing army of social justice warriors who refuse to back down to peer pressure or the fashion industry.

Speak to brands directly

There has never been more power placed in the hands of the consumer than there is today, by exercising this power you can keep the brands on their toes and also keep your friends in the know about which companies that they can trust.

Don’t think that your voice doesn’t matter, by leveraging your social media channels you can put pressure on fashion labels and brands. Send emails, post videos, share links with your friends – the more that you do, the bigger the impact you will have on the fur trade and the more large companies will pay attention to this important issue.

Support one of these anti-fur charities

There are a tonne of charities small and big that you can support should you wish to help raise awareness for cruelty against animals. Whilst we’re big fans of PETA, should you wish to focus your efforts on stopping the fur-trade then it might be a better idea to seek out a charity that reflects this.

Fur for animals are one of the longest running charities in the field, they formed in 1993 after the near-extinction of the Lynx, since then they have campaigned tirelessly across the world to stop the farming of animals for the fur trade.

Design and print a protest banner

If you feel strongly about this cause then you could show your support by designing a massive sign stating your beliefs! A massive vinyl printed banner hung from your home can attract the attention of hundreds of people every day, depending on where you live and, say what you like about it, this kind of advertising works. Coming up with the right idea can be tricky, you’ll want to make sure that the message you’re espousing is direct but not so aggressive that it will put people off supporting you.

As far as getting it printed goes, there are plenty of online services that will happily do the job but if you want a banner that will stand the test of time then it’s better to use a professional large format print company that will do a proper job. Many of these businesses are based in London and specialise in a range of products including glass manifestations, vinyl decals and press backdrops; they might be a bit more expensive but they offer much better value!

Ignore fashion trends and buy discount sportswear

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It’s very rare for animal lovers to buy fur, but it’s always worth mentioning that if you want to support animals and stamp down on the fur trade then you shouldn’t wear fur yourself. Although there has been some great progress made in the fake fur industry – it’s important that you understand a company’s fur-policy before you think about buying/endorsing them.

Fashion is infectious, you don’t need to be Kylie Jenner to influence someone else, by wearing animal fur you are condoning the killing of animals. Buying discount sportswear is a good way to stay trendy whilst avoiding fur – it’ll also save you a load of money!

Join a protest

Many anti-fur charities tirelessly protest retail stores that claim to have ethical sourced products when in fact the opposite is true. Take Canada Goose for example, the Canadian retail brand has been expanding rapidly in recent years, but as their brand recognition grows so does their ethical responsibilities.

The company has recently been called out by animal rights groups who have discovered that their treatment of animals is less than ethical. You can join their weekly protest at the brand’s London store each Saturday.

Victims of the Fur Trade: Animals That Need Protecting

Millions of animals are killed for their fur every year…

These are the victims of the fur trade:


Left to their own devices beavers can live for nearly 20 years, but due to rampant hunting these creatures’ lives are often cut short. These industrious creatures can grow up to 4 feet long and are incredibly sociable, working to build dams and tunnel systems that entire families live in. Beavers work in conjunction with the environment creating entire ecosystems as a result of their dam-building, making an attack on them an attack on our environment itself.


Highly sociable and incredibly sensitive, rabbits have been hunted for decades – however it could be argued that farming of these gentle creatures is infinitely more cruel. PETA have recently released footage of incredible cruelty being committed against rabbits in Chinese Angora fur farms. Rabbits are easily startled animals who require very specific living conditions in order to live happily, these farms ignore these needs completely and wilfully harm these animals for the sake of a better profit margin.

Dogs and Cats

As unlikely as it might sound millions of dogs and cats are brutally killed every year in China for their fur. These animals are often kept in terrible conditions for their entire lives before they are killed in the most brutal of fashions. Witnesses have seen dogs and cats bludgeoned, hung, strangled and bled to death all for the sake of trims and novelty. China supplies more than 50% of fur garments imported for sale in the US, not to mention the numerous other items that are imported into the EU, so often those that choose to buy fur might not be getting exactly what they’re  paying for.

So what can you do?

It’s up to the consumers to ‘vote with their money’ and make demands of the brands and labels that support this violent, inhumane industry. By pressuring companies to provide you with a manifesto of how they deal with fur you can force them to take a serious look at how they’re using animals and (hopefully) make them understand that we will no longer accept this barbaric tradition. Many cultures still prize fur above all other materials, this will only change when people start challenging the status quo and it begins with you!

Before you go and buy a new faux-fur pom pom hat or faux-fur parka coat you should make absolutely sure that the faux-fur is what it claims to be. There have been a number of reports unearthed recently that have proven many faux-furs to be anything but, so it’s worth contacting a company beforehand to get a concrete statement from them that they will be delivering what they are promising. No company wants to be exposed as acting negligently towards the public, especially when the issue of animal cruelty is at hand, so by forcing their hand you’ll be able to make them aware that this is an issue that they need to take seriously.